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Reveal your skin’s youthfulness


Following on from the collagen sheet and Vectorised Micro-Collagen*, Resultime has unveiled a new innovation in 2018 with its third generation of collagen: Plumping Collagens combining Vectorised Micro-Collagen* and Native Collagen with a Pro-Collagen Active Ingredient.

Vectorised Micro-Collagen - 1 patent

Ordinary collagen is a large molecule that remains on the surface of the skin. Resultime Research has therefore identified active micro-fragments of collagen and integrated them in a lamellar clay diffusion complex to transport them to the heart of the skin. This discovery gave rise to the development of Vectorised Micro-Collagen, an exclusive and patented* anti-ageing technology. 

Its effectiveness is remarkable: after 48 hours, boosted production of Collagen I fibres (+49%)** and stimulation of Hyaluronic Acid production (+78% after 24 hours)**. It also protects Elastin fibres and smooths the skin's micro-relief for a real global anti-ageing action.

*FR , DE, GB, IT, ES, BE, CH, LU
**In vitro test


Native Collagen

“Native” Collagen is a marine-origin form of collagen with the closest structure to that of the collagen present naturally in the skin.

This collagen forms a soft and non-occlusive film on the skin's surface which improves moisturising and provides a smoothing effect. 

Pro-Collagen Active Ingredient

The Pro-Collagen Active Ingredient is extracted from fresh water micro-algae called Chlorella Vulgaris.

Its composition of amino acids is very close to that of the collagen present naturally in the skin. It increases collagen* production and therefore helps to effectively fight against signs of ageing of the skin. 

*In vitro test

Discover the new range of anti-ageing skincare
with plumping collagens

Collagen programme


Multiplies your collagen by 3* for transformed skin: plumper, smooth and radiant.

3-in-1 Day - Night - Mask Collagen Cream

with Plumping Collagens

3-in-1 Collagen Cream, smoothing and plumping


Resultime has worked with an independent laboratory specialising in conducting in vitro tests on reconstituted models of skin to show the effectiveness of its new anti-ageing technology. It has been proven, the Collagen Gel Serum provides a real “new skin” effect!

Renewal of the skin in just 8 hours*

By comparing a model of untreated (without Collagen Gel Serum) and treated (with Collagen Gel Serum) skin, we can observe a significant increase in new skin cells after 8 hours*.

Increase in collagen quantity in 24 hours*

By comparing a model of untreated (without Collagen Gel Serum) and treated (with Collagen Gel Serum) skin, we can observe a visible increase in the quantity of collagen in just 24 hours*.

*In vitro test on reconstituted epidermis


of women have smoother skin IMMEDIATELY
of women have an even complexion IN 1 WEEK
of women have plumper skin IN 4 WEEKS
of women have improved skin quality IN 8 WEEKS

Use test - 22 volunteers. Satisfaction %.



Collagen routine - Step 1: apply your Collagen Smoothing Essence

Prepare your skin in a few minutes with the anti-ageing Collagen Smoothing Essence!

Collagen routine - Step 2 - Apply your Collagen Gel Serum

Activate your skin’s youthfulness in just a few moments, with the anti-ageing Collagen Gel Serum!

Collagen routine - Step 3 - Apply your Wrinkle Filler Serum Eye & Lip Contour

Correct signs of ageing daily, with the Resultime Wrinkle Filler Serum!

Collagen routine - Step 4: apply your 3-in-1 Collagen Cream

Restore plumper skin in just a few moments with the 3-in-1 Collagen Cream!

Collagen routine - Step 5 - Apply your Anti-ageing Day Cream

Moisturise and correct signs of skin ageing, in just a few steps!

1Satisfaction % after using the Gel-Cream for 28 days.
2 Not tested on the Gel-Cream
3 Effectiveness proven by in vitro tests on reconstructed skin models subjected to stress conditions (radiation from the sun and pollution).

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