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Where is my nearest retail outlet?

We distribute our products in the Parashop parapharmacy chain and in beauty institutes. To locate your nearest retail outlet, click here

How can I obtain samples?

Please visit your nearest agent.our agents An advisor will show you the products and give you samples matching your skin type.

Loyalty programme

Resultime does not yet have a loyalty programme on its website.

Are Resultime products tested on animals?

We do not carry out tests on animals and thus abide by the law which prohibits such methods. During product development, we select our raw materials with utmost care, ensuring that none have been tested on animals, in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation No. 1223/2009.

How long can you keep a product before you open it?

All our formulas have a proven stability of over 30 months. Under these conditions, according to the European Cosmetics Regulation, these products are not required to carry an expiry date.

How long can I keep a product after opening?

We indicate the PAO or 'Period After Opening' on the label. This means you'll find a pictogram of an open jar indicating the recommended period of use once the packaging has been opened. This generally ranges from 6 months (6M) to 12 months (12M).

I'd like to volunteer to test products at home. How do I go about this?

We don't recruit testers. The various laboratories we work with already have their own testers. We recommend that you contact laboratories in France directly. (search for 'panels' or 'consumer tests' on the Internet).

Are Resultime products non-comedogenic?

All our face care products are non-comedogenic. This means they won't encourage blackheads to appear.

Where can I find the list of ingredients?

The full list of ingredients is shown on our product packaging. For more information, please contact our Consumer Department via the 'Contact us via the website' section.

How do I read a label, or packaging?


2. PRODUCT NAME AND PROPERTIES: Description of the benefits and star active ingredients in the product

3.SKIN TYPE recommended for use of the product

4.CAPACITY: Quantity of product stated in weight or volume.
The 'e' shown in front of this information guarantees that the quantity of product has been subjected to checks and is compliant with the measurement system used in the European Union.

5. DESCRIPTION: Details of the product's benefits and results.
This information may appear translated in several languages.

6. INGREDIENTS: INCI List (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of the ingredients contained in the formula, in descending order of concentration.

7. TYPE OF PACKAGING: HDPE, PP, PET are packaging materials.

8. MADE IN FRANCE: Product manufactured in France.

9. LABORATOIRE NUXE 19 rue Péclet 75015 Paris: Name and postal address of the company
releasing the product onto the market.

10. Brand website address

11. ECO-PACKAGING: Monetary participation in European programmes aimed at eliminating and recycling all packaging components.

12. SHELF LIFE AFTER OPENING: Recommended period, stated as a number of months, during which the product must be used after opening, assuming normal storage conditions and no exposure to extreme temperatures.
E.g.: 12M, the product can be used for 12 months after opening

13. ACL CODE: Internal product reference.

14. EAN CODE: Bar code number.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Information on special precautions for use and the list of ingredients, if this information is not shown on the packaging.

Can I use the products during pregnancy and/or while breast-feeding?

Resultime does not currently have a specific range for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
All our products are tested under dermatological control and evaluated by an expert toxicologist.
To our knowledge, there are no noteworthy risk factors, hence you may continue to use your face care products during pregnancy and/or while breast-feeding.
However, as no clinical trials under medical supervision have been conducted on this target population, as a precaution, we recommend not using body care products.

I am pregnant, can I have a RESULT SPA treatment?

We only offer face treatments, which are therefore also suitable for pregnant women.

Where are Resultime products manufactured?

All Resultime products are manufactured in FRANCE, mainly in our recently renovated production facility in Brittany. The words 'made in France' therefore always appear on our products.

Do Resultime products contain parabens?

NO, none of our products contain parabens.

Do Resultime products contain allergens?

Allergens are substances originating from scents (e.g.: benzyl alcohol, limonene, linalool, citral, etc. 26 are listed to date). As Resultime products are scented, they may contain certain allergens. These are then listed at the end of the composition to make them easier to identify for individuals affected by allergies. People who have no allergies have no reason to avoid using these substances.
N.B.: The same system applies in the food sector. This allows someone who is allergic to eggs, for example, to avoid eating them. However, the rest of the population who are not affected by this allergy can consume egg-based products without fear.

Do Resultime products contain phenoxyethanol?

Yes, in compliance with the regulations, Resultime products may contain small amounts of phenoxyethanol (always less than 1%). This is then shown in the list of ingredients. This preservative has been authorised and used in cosmetics for over 60 years and its safety has been approved on many occasions by the international authorities.
N.B.: Phenoxyethanol is also present in its natural state in green tea, for example.

Do Resultime products contain alcohol?

Our products may contain alcohol. It is only present at low concentrations to add a refreshing touch to the product or to improve texture (no drying or irritating effect on skin). In this case, it can be identified in the list of ingredients under the terms 'ALCOHOL' or 'ALCOHOL DENAT.'

What is benzyl alcohol?

Benzyl alcohol is not alcohol, but a botanical-origin preservative.

Do Resultime products contain methylisothiazolinone (MIT)?

No, none of our products contain methylisothiazolinone (MIT).

Does the microdermabrasion scrub contain plastic microbeads?

NO, the microdermabrasion scrub offers dual exfoliation thanks to the combination of pink quartz microparticles (mechanical action) and an exfoliating enzyme (enzyme action) to refine skin texture and smooth the skin.

Are Resultime products vegan-friendly?

NO, some active ingredients selected by Resultime are of animal origin. This is the case for DNA and native collagen which originates from fish (from the fishing industry).

What should I do if a consumer has purchased a defective Resultime product?

You can go back to the store where you purchased the item, to ask for an exchange. If you are unable to do so, contact the Resultime Consumer Department via the website: Contact form

What should you do if you have a reaction after applying a Resultime product?

Contact the Resultime Consumer Department via the website. Contact form

If you cannot find an answer to your question, our advisors are here to help

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