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An original protocol combining effectiveness and wellness

Result Spa

Resultime is reinventing professional anti-ageing skincare

The RESULT SPA revolution combines expert anti-ageing protocols with technical professional treatments and the pleasure of a Spa treatment.

Promising visible results for youthful skin, the exclusive RESULT SPA protocols were created from the fusion of two discoveries:

  1. Resultime anti-ageing performance
  2. The effectiveness of the advanced formulas developed by the Resultime brand, a collagen expert and pioneer, is combined with the use of a high-tech professional device.
  3. The wellness experience inspired by NUXE Spas
  4. This involves expert, relaxing manual techniques, which massage your features while procuring a real sense of relaxation


Combined expertise for exceptional anti-ageing results

RESULT SPA treatments combine three areas of expertise to obtain exceptional anti-ageing results and an original wellness experience: a cosmetic action thanks to ultra-technical treatments with highly concentrated active ingredient formulas, a technological action performed using an ultra-effective professional device, and a manual action thanks to the spa therapist's expert anti-ageing technique.

Cosmetic action

Resultime, the expert anti-ageing cosmetic brand, offers effective ultra-technical formulas.

Resultime brand products are the key components of the RESULT SPA protocols. Their advanced anti-ageing formulas combined the regenerating properties of Vectorised Micro-Collagen (patent [EP]) with other 'skin-like' molecules found in skin, selected according to the targeted problem area.

Soft, fondant or ultra-refreshing, the textures also procure real sensory pleasure at each step of the treatment, just like their delicate fragrances.

Technological action

An ultra-effective professional device to stimulate the skin and boost the effectiveness of the treatment formulas.

Selected by RESULT SPA to enhance the anti-ageing expertise of the RESULTIME formulas, the high-tech device has 2 different modes:

  • Microdermabrasion to prepare the skin at the start of the treatment and stimulate cell renewal.
  • Electrostimulation gradually diffuses electrical microcurrents to the facial contours to combat slackening.

Manual action

Expert anti-ageing massages to lift the features and procure absolute relaxation


An expert anti-ageing massage is at the core of each treatment, combining different movements with complementary effects to stimulate the skin tissue.

Deep upward smoothing movements accentuate the facial bone structure and make it receptive to targeted anti-ageing movements. The facial contour is then worked using kneading, tapping and Jacquet Leroy pinching movements, to smooth wrinkles, plump the skin and revive radiance. The massage finishes with pressure applied by the fingertips to key points on the face.

A manual technique inspired by the NUXE Spa universe is also an integral part of the whole treatment: relaxing movements after microdermabrasion, scalp or hand massage while the mask is applied... All of the protocols finish with a gentle awakening phase, with a massage* to relax the back, for a beneficial effect. This relaxing effect is also apparent in the beauty results: facial features are relaxed and signs of tension erased, the face appears serene...

Treatment menu

3 ultra-effective protocols

The three RESULT SPA anti-ageing treatment protocols have all been designed following 3 essential steps:

  1. Prepare the skin (diagnosis, double make-up removal and mechanical exfoliation)
  2. Stimulate skin regeneration (application of Regenerating Collagen Gel as a mask)
  3. Follow a targeted anti-ageing protocol, adapted to the skin's needs


the RESULT SPA optimal moisturizing treatment

A moisturising anti-ageing treatment with Vectorised Micro-Collagen and 3 Hyaluronic Acids.
Benefit: The skin is intensely moisturised, appearing younger and visibly plumper.

The RESULT SPA 'Éclat Retrouvé' treatment

An anti-ageing treatment to boost radiance, with Vectorised Micro-Collagen and Vitamin C.
Benefit: The skin appears radiant and refreshed, its radiance is enhanced.

The RESULT SPA youth revealed treatment

An all-round anti-ageing treatment with Vectorised Micro-Collagen and DNA.
Benefit: The skin appears re-densified and wrinkles smoothed. Contours seem redefined, the face looks radiant.

RESULT SPA institutes

A combination of a chic hideaway and a high-tech cocoon

The RESULT SPA treatment rooms are a modern space capsule where only luxury, calm and exquisite delight exist, with its high-tech equipment, designer furniture and surroundings with soothing shades of light grey to anthracite.

Discover our 7 Resultime treatment rooms in France and worldwide :
- RESULT SPA at Hotel Square*****, Paris 16th
- RESULT SPA at Printemps de la beauté, Paris 9th
- RESULT SPA Hotel Le Yule*****, Val d'Isère
- RESULT SPA Balthazar Hotel & Spa, Rennes
- RESULT SPA Le Chalet d'Adrien*****, Switzerland - Verbier
- RESULT SPA Relais Santo Stefano****, Italy - Biella

For more information on our spas here.

* Massages are body sculpting, beauty and wellness treatments, non-therapeutic and non-medical.

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