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Visible Results

From the very beginning, our anti-ageing skincare products have demonstrated their effectiveness, and the effect on skin has been noted over time.


Resultime, a collagen expert and pioneer, was one of the first laboratories to identify it as the key molecule for youthful skin. Collagen accounts for 80% of proteins in the dermis, where it has a genuine architectural action, supporting the skin's structure, making it smooth, firm and plump. All of these qualities are the sign of youthful skin.

Resultime Research has invented an exclusive patented technology to boost the anti-ageing properties of Collagen: Vectorised Micro-Collagen. Active Collagen fragments are incorporated into a vector which allows them to be transported to the very heart of the skin.

Formulated and produced in France, thanks to advanced R&D, Resultime skincare combines the global anti-ageing effectiveness of Vectorised Micro-Collagen with complementary active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, etc.) to combat all signs of ageing.

Our commitment: visible results, proven results, from day one. 
Skin molecules are regenerated in only 48 hours.


RESULTIME expertise

Resultime combines Vectorised Micro-Collagen with skin molecules to offer an optimum, targeted solution to skin ageing


For over 60 years, Resultime has led the innovation on anti-ageing collagen. In 2012, it created Vectorised Micro-Collagen, a unique active ingredient with exceptional properties, found in the different brand treatments(1).
A real expert in the field, Resultime first identified and selected an active collagen fragment; 'Micro-Collagen'. To assist its diffusion to the heart of the skin, it was then incorporated into an innovative lamellar Clay complex. This original vector promotes optimum penetration and increases its effectiveness(2). This discovery thus led to the development of exclusive patented anti-ageing technology(3).


Vectorised Micro-Collagen has been proven to be effective on skin regeneration: it increases the synthesis of new skin molecules(2) resulting in a smoothing effect on the skin surface. 
At the heart of the formulas, it is blended with 'skin-like' molecules(4), naturally found in skin, recognised for a targeted action. Hence, Resultime treatments containing Vectorised Micro-Collagen offer a visible anti-ageing effect while providing a solution adapted to the needs of all skin types.

(1)Except for cleansers, masks and Ultra-Firming Serum. (2)In vitro test. (3) FR, DE, GB, IT, ES, BE, CH, LU. (4) Molecules present naturally in the skin (or whose composition is close to that of the skin).


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the major components of the skin's support structure, which maintains moisturise levels and plumpness. A real biological sponge, it is capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water which gives it exceptional moisturising properties. In the natural state in skin, Hyaluronic Acid has different molecular weights, each one having a different role.
Resultime uses 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights, depending on the desired action on the epidermis: moisturising effect and surface protection, strengthening the skin barrier or a re-densifying action.


Ceramides are the main lipids in the skin. They constitute the intercellular cement essential for barrier function and maintaining good moisture levels.
Resultime uses Ceramide microspheres which, being positively charged, are able to target and strengthen dehydrated zones of the epidermis.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin: accounting for 80% of dermal proteins. It is arranged in a network in the extracellular matrix to maintain skin tone and resistance. It is also renowned for its moisturising and smoothing effect.

Resultime uses several types of collagen: 
- Vectorised Micro-Collagen, a patented technology(1) with a global anti-ageing action(2).
- Native Collagen of marine origin (fish skin sourced from the fishing industry) which is able to form a moisturising film on the skin surface to help smooth the micro-relief. 
- A Pro-Collagen Active Ingredient derived from a freshwater micro-algae that helps to boost the synthesis of new collagen while preserving existing reserves(2).

At the heart of the intensive renewing programme, Resultime has combined three types of collagen to create the complex of Plumping Collagens with renewing power. encapsulated retinol (stabilised form) for its potent anti-ageing properties. 

(1)Resultime patent FR, DE, GB, IT, ES, BE, CH, LU. (2)In vitro test


Elastin is a fibrous protein, naturally present in the dermis. Its excellent elasticity allows it to stretch and easily recover its initial form. It gives the skin its elasticity and suppleness.
Resultime has selected Micro-Elastin, a potent elastin fragment, to combat slackening and the emergence of wrinkles.


Magnesium is a trace element present in abundant quantity in the body. It is essential to proper body function and helps maintain cell integrity. It contributes to the skin's defence and stress reduction mechanisms.
Resultime uses Magnesium to soothe sensitive skin by helping combat skin stress and hyper-reactivity.


Omegas are fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin. These are real nutrients for the cells (omega-3 and 6), and are found in the composition of membranes, the intercellular cement, and contribute to barrier function (omega-7 and 9). Some are said to be 'essential' as they are of fundamental necessity to the body which is unable to synthesise them. For example, this is the case for omega-3 and 6, which, although essential, is exclusively obtained from external sources.
Resultime has selected sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil, rich in omega-3-6-7-9 to strengthen and nourish dry to very dry skin. The omegas are encapsuled in botanical liposomes for enhanced penetration and a more targeted action.


Retinol (or Vitamin A) is a fat-soluble vitamin involved in numerous physiological processes. It is involved in cell renewal and the synthesis of components that make up the dermis (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) thus promoting skin regeneration.

Resultime has selected encapsuled retinol (stabilised form) for its potent anti-ageing properties.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin naturally present in the skin. It is renowned for its antioxidant and brightening properties. It acts as a reaction catalyst, capable of blocking tyrosinase, the key pigmentation enzyme, and helps harmonise and brighten the complexion.
Resultime uses two forms of vitamin C:
- Vitamin C grafted onto a sugar to harmonise and brightening a tired complexion.
- Super Activated Vitamin C (combined with an anti-dark spot Neuro-Active ingredient), to act on dark spots and thus combat pigmentation defects.

Vitamin E

Vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin essential to skin. It is the main antioxidant capable of neutralising free radicals and thus protecting the skin from oxidative stress. By strengthening the hydrolipidic film and cell membranes, it also strengthens barrier function and maintains good moisture levels.
Resultime has selected vitamin E to combat premature ageing related to oxidative stress, and leave the skin feeling comfortable after exfoliation.


Zinc is the trace element present in the body in the highest quantity after iron. It contributes to numerous biological functions, particularly sebum regulation and control of pigmentation.
Resultime uses zinc PCA to meet the needs of oily skin and to combat skin imperfections such as excess shine and dilated pores. Zinc is bound to the driver molecule, L-PCA, naturally present in the body, for enhanced effectiveness and bioavailability.


Interview with Patricia Rousselle, Biology Research Director for the extra-cellular matrix and Collagen Specialist. 

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